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You can now name one Captain and 2 Alternate Captains (Assigning a Letter) to your team. You can only assign letters to players during the Off-Season. Goaltenders are not permitted to wear a letter.


Captains provide a 20% chance / skill for all players on the ice to increase by 1. Alternate Captains provide a 10% chance. These chances stack to a maximum of 40% for a player's skill to increase by 1. This chance is check for each player's skill (AG, QK, PW, etc). A player's skill still cannot go higher than 9. This chance is applied ONLY to players ON THE ICE at the same time as the Captain or Alternate(s) and does include the goaltender.


You may want to strip the letter off a player and assign it to someone else. When you do so, the player losing their Letter will have a chance to become a Hold Out (this has a HUGE impact on your team). For players aged 15-20 there is a 100% chance they will become a Hold Out. For each year beyond 20, the chance decreases by 10%. Players aged 29 and up remain at a 10% chance to become a Hold Out.


When you trade a Captain or Alternate, the player is immediately stripped of their Letter, however, they do not become a Hold Out.

If you trade your Captain or Alternates away during the regular season you will not be able to name a new / replacement until the next Off-Season.