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All coaches, whether they are pro or farm, will affect how their team plays. Coaches will add modifiers, both positive and negative, depending on their skills and the ages of the players on their team. All skills range from 1 to 9 and provide modifiers based on that skill.


Skill 1 = -2 modifier (formerly described as "Horrible")

Skill 2-3 = -1 modifier (formerly described as "Poor")

Skill 4-6 = no modifier (formerly described as "Average")

Skill 7-8 = +1 modifier (formerly described as "Good")

Skill 9 = +2 modifier (formerly described as "Excellent")

Player skills that are modified cannot go under 1 or over 9.

Offense - This skill is directly applied to determining the outcome of Passing and Skating attempts. The skill is NOT applied to any shooting outcomes as those are strictly player-goalie skill checks.

Defense - This skill is directly applied to determining the outcome of Passing and Skating attempts. Like Offense it is also NOT applied to any shooting outcomes.

Development - This skill provides a modifier to players that are 25 and under on the team. All skills for the player are modified.

Experience - This skill provides a modifier to players that are 26 and over on the team. All skills for the player are modified.

Discipline - This skill provides a modifier that is applied to ALL players' Penalty skill. Basically the higher the skill the less likely it will be the player will take penalties.

Fundamentals - This skill is directly applied to the determination of face-off outcomes.

Rerates - Age

A Coach will have a baseline chances of 20% to Increase and 20% to Decrease at all age levels. The more a coach coaches, the more they accrue increases to both the increase and decrease percentage. For each Regular Season they coach (regardless of team or games), they get a +1% to their Increase chance and a +0.2% to their Decrease chance.

Rerates - Stats

A Coach will rerate based on their team's winning percentage. They must have coached in back-to-back seasons otherwise they will not rerate at all. When comparing season's if their last season (1 season ago) is better than the previous season (2 seasons ago), then they will have a 25% to rerate up in each skill. Conversely if their last season's winning percentage is worse than the previous season's, they will have a 25% chance to rerate down for each skill. If the winning percentages are the same there will be no rerating.

Skills can never go under 1 or over 9 regardless of the rerate outcome.

Permissions & Being Disgruntled

After 10 GP, if the farm team has a winning percentage of 0.650 or higher, the coach has a chance to seek permission to speak with other clubs about PRO coaching positions. Additionally, the GM of a team can trigger the farm coach to seek permission. AutoGMs will never initiate a permission request.

Permission requests can be made to a coach only once a season, however, the permission request does reset if the coach gets released and then re-signed to farm team in the same season.

The Farm Coach's owner will have two options to respond to Permission Requests: Grant or Deny. The owner has 72 hours (by default) to respond to the permission request otherwise permission will be granted automatically.

If permission is Granted, the Farm Coach will then be allowed to accept offers from all other teams (including AutoGM teams).

If permission is Denied, the Farm Coach will then have a chance to refuse further contract offers from their current team. Additionally, there is a chance the farm coach will also become disgruntled.

Farm Coaches that are Disgruntled provide a -2 modifier to all player skills on their team. This modifier is in addition to any other modifiers the coach would normally provide. Best case scenario a disgruntled coach would provide no modifier, however, worst case the coach would provide a -4 modifier to the team.

Poaching a Coach

Only Farm Coaches may be hired (poached) from another team and even then, the coach can ONLY become the new team's PRO coach. Offers made to another team's Farm Coach automatically come with a -25% penalty, so you will need to adjust your offer to be higher to compensate for the penalty. Additionally you must offer the coach more than their last signed contract value.

If you are making an offer to a Farm Coach while you still have a Pro Coach hired, you will still be responsible for paying out the remainder of your pro coach's contract.

Additionally, when making an offer to a Farm Coach you are not allowed to retract the offer. Once it's made it will be acted upon.

You may only have one permission request outstanding at a time. That must be resolved before making additional permission requests. By default, you are allowed to make 3 permission requests in a season (configurable by the COM).

Firing & Salaries When firing a pro coach, you will have an option to automatically promote your existing farm coach. This applies to PRO COACHES ONLY. You cannot demote your pro coach to the farm.

Farm Coach salaries are handled the same way that Farm Player salaries are. By default you only pay 25% of them for each game day. If you decide to promote them to the pro team, you will then pay 100% of their salary.

Losing the Room If a team has lost more than 5 games in a row (regulation-counted loses, not OT or Shoot-Out losses / basically anything that increments the "L" stat in the team's standings), we will check to see if the coach has "lost the room". For every loss past the 5th, there is a 5% chance the coach will have lost the room and will be marked "Disgruntled". We check only for the current regular season and the coach's current team. Pre-Season, Play-Offs and coach on a different team during the same season will not have an impact on this check.