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Coaches can play an integral part of your team depending on the modifiers they bring.


The modifiers provided by Offense and Defense apply only to the Passing and Skating determinations. These determinations start at 55% for the home player (home ice advantage) and then get modified based on the player's skill, fatigue level, power play advantage, coaches' skills, and so on. Overall the Offense and Defense skill can apply only a +2 to -2% chance change... it is relatively a negligible modification compared to the next two skills.

The modifiers provided by Development and Experience affect ALL players' skills depending on their age. 25 and younger get the Development modifier while 26 and older get the Experience modifier. The bonus provided by these two is quite substantial since all players have 11 skills for a total of +22% increase in pretty much EVERYTHING. Overall it's much more important to have a positive modifier for these two skills.

The modifier for Discipline is beneficial but not quite to the same degree as Dev/Exp as it is only applied to Penalty determinations / outcomes. Overall it's better to have this provide a positive modifier and possibly sacrifice a negative modifier for Offense, Defense, or Fundamentals.

The Fundamentals modifier only applies to Face-offs. This is a percentage that also starts out at 55% for the home player and then gets modified by skills, fatigue, etc. The -2% to +2% modifier supplied by this skill doesn't provide a meaningful modification and can be ignored for more favourable stats in Development, Experience and Discipline.

Permission Requests

Eventually you're going to receive a Permission Request from your Farm Coach. Whether the request resulted from another GM seeking to hire the coach or your farm team is doing really well (0.650+ winning percentage), doesn't matter. What does matter is how you respond.

You have two options to respond with for the permission: Grant or Deny.

I will say that hands down it will be much easier to Grant Permission to the Farm Coach. The only adverse affect you may see is trying to find a new coach for your club. If you really can't find a replacement, you can simply not hire a new Farm Coach at all.

If you choose to Deny Permission (for whatever reason... there are many!), there will be a chance you will no longer be able to renew the Farm Coach's contract once it has expired. Additionally, you run the risk of making the Farm Coach Disgruntled which gives ALL players on your team a -2 modifier (basically -22% for everyone) and could be disastrous for developing your prospects. In addition to this this, Disgruntled coaches (in Age-Rerate Leagues only) provide a -50% penalty to any player considered farm. The penalty is first applied to the Inc% to bring it to 0% and then the remainder is applied to raise the Dec% up.

Hiring a Coach

Once you've found your coach, you can send them an offer in the Personnel > Manage Coaches page. You can have only one active offer at any given time regardless of how many coaches you may have already signed.

You will have an option to hire the coach for your Pro or Farm team. If you opt to hire them for your Farm team, there is a -25% chance they will sign, so you will need to adjust your offer accordingly.

You can only hire another team's Farm Coach to your Pro Team. Additionally, this will have a -25% modifier to the signing chance so you'll need to adjust your offer accordingly. Additionally, your offer to the farm coach MUST be greater than their last contract value.

When making an offer to a Farm Coach, you will be given a warning that your existing pro coach will automatically be fired if you win the Farm Coach - you will pay out the remainder of their contract. This is the only time you can make an offer to a coach without having to fire your existing coach first.


At any time when you fire the Pro Coach, you will have an option to automatically promote the Farm Coach. Additionally, you can promote the Farm Coach to become the Pro Team's coach at any time and will be provided an option to fire the existing Pro Coach.

You cannot demote a Pro Coach to the farm team.

Team Shake-Ups

When firing a coach, the GM has the option to shake-up that team’s players. This option is available only once per season for that particular team (Pro or Farm). Essentially the GM will have the option to perform two shake-ups in a season: once for each the Pro and Farm teams. This option is ONLY available if the GM is firing a coach; you would not have the option to shakeup your Farm team if you promote your Farm coach to the Pro team, however, you would have the option to shakeup your Pro team since you are firing the Pro coach.

When a shakeup is allowed, the players on that team have their Streaks recalculated randomly. The chances are: 40% Hot streak (3 – 9 games), 10% Cold streak (1 – 5 games), 50% No streak. The new streak overrides whatever streak the player is currently on. For example, a player that is already on a Hot streak could still get a new Hot streak but won’t get the games added on and it’s also certainly possible that a player on a Hot streak could suddenly find themselves with no streak or on a Cold streak.