Idle Leagues / Deletion

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We are continually trying to keep UHS's data footprint small so we follow these rules when it comes to removing idle leagues:

A league is considered idle / stagnant when there are no logins over a 60-day period. This can be ANY user not just the COM or owner.

After the 60-day period a deletion warning is emailed out to all users for the league informing them someone needs to login, otherwise the league will be deleted.

After a further 7 days of no logins, the idle / stagnant league is deleted. We do make a backup of the league database, however, we currently don't have an easy / clean method of restoring it.

Any new leagues that have not had ANY user logins over the course of 7 days will be deleted with no notice. These leagues are completely empty with zero activity. After 7 days there should have been at least one login. We consider these leagues abandoned.