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Welcome to the Wiki for the Ultimate Hockey Simulator (UHS). This is our answer to not having enough time to create actual guides and walk-throughs... most of our time is devoted to improving the simulator and sprucing up the code.

Please feel free to contribute to the wiki and we'll review and approve them as soon as we can.


--James Young, UHS Admin

Overall Usage

Player Characteristics

Player Rerates - Age (default)

Player Rerates - Stats (original)

Coaches & Their Characteristics

UHS - Flow of a Season

The AutoGM

Idle Leagues / Deletion

Public Sites

Owners & Commissioners

Inaugural Season Walk-through

Simming Games

Uploading League and Team Images

All-Star Games & International Tournaments

Media Articles

Player Creation - List of Names Formatting

General Managers

The Draft

Setting your Roster and Lines

Managing your Farm Team

Writing Media Articles

Coaches and Your Team

Player Salaries and Contracts

Captains & Alternates

Hold Outs


Team Power Rankings