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Media Articles

Media Articles allow your team another avenue to earn money by contributing to the league's and team's fantasy culture. Leagues that have GMs writing articles generally tend to be longer lasting and more successful overall.


You can access the Media settings at the Settings > Media Settings section.

Approvals - By default COM approval is required, however, you can change this to allow all articles be automatically approved once the GM submits it.

Word Minimum - By default the minimum number of words required in order to earn money is 300. You can adjust this as you desire.

Maximum Revenue - You can set this to ensure teams are not earning too much money for each article. By default this is set to $250,000.

Rev / Word - The amount of money the team will earn per word that they write, provided the article length is greater than the Word Minimum. By default this is set to $500 / word.

Approving Articles

By default you will need to provide approvals for the articles your GMs write. When there are articles waiting for your approval, you will see a notice in the Alerts section.

The Media Management page can also be accessed by going to League > Media.

In the Media Management page you'll see a list of all articles that are either Pending or Approved. Pending articles will always appear at the top.

You can either Approve or Reject and article.

When approving an article, the article will become viewable by anyone in the league and will be shown on the public website.

If you choose to Reject an article it will be put back into Draft mode. You can contact the GM and let them know why you rejected or what needed changing.