Player Creation - List of Names Formatting

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When creating mass numbers of players (Manage > Players > Add), you can select 10, 25, 50, 100, 250 and 500 players to be created all at once. You now have an option to supply a list of the names that will be used when creating those players.


Each player's name and country entry must be separated by a semi-colon ";". Optionally, you can include a player's country of origin by using a comma and then using the country after the player's name.

FirstName LastName, Country;

The first name of a player will always be what comes before the first space in the player's name.

The player's last name will always be what comes after that first space, since we have occasionally seen players with two last names: Del Zotto, van Riemsdyk, de Haan, De La Rose, etc.

If you leave a field blank / empty, the system will fill that with a randomly selected name or country.

Usage Examples

Sydney Crosby, Canada; <-- this will create a player named Sydney Crosby from Canada.

Mario Lemieux; <-- this will create a player named Mario Lemieux from a random country.

Brett; <-- this will create a player with the first name Brett, a random last name and a random country.

,USA; <-- this will create a player with a random name from the USA.