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Proper management of your team's salaries and contracts is an important part of being the GM.

It is important to understand, especially if you are accustomed to the previous method of contract management in UHS, that player salaries are now focused on how much is offered PER-SEASON.

In the Contract Offer screen, you'll see several important pieces of information (all dollar values are in millions):

Salary Requested (90%): This is the base value the player needs to have a 90% chance to sign with your team. For example: $0.790 per-season. This value is created by looking at the player's skill and age, comparing it with the rest of the league to see where the player fits in with respect to talent and age. We also consider the league's Salary Cap when calculating the Request Salary value.

Minimum Salary Offer: This is set by the League Commissioner. Again, this is on a PER-SEASON basis. A player's requested salary will also never go below this value. This value will also consider previously rejected contract offers made in the current season. Your minimum offer is either the League Salary Minimum OR the previously rejected offer salary + 30%. This was done to ensure GMs could not just hammer away at offering the same low contract, hoping for a lucky acceptance roll.

Minimum Salary Required for RFA: This option only appears if the player is under the UFA Age threshold. This value is set to 75% of the player's previous per-season contract. In this example, the player previously was signed to $0.717 per-season, so the minimum offer required to qualify the player as a RFA is $0.538 per-season.

Two-Way Warning: This option only appears if the League has enabled two-way contract penalties. Your contract must meet the per-season salary threshold set by the League Commissioner or else suffer a penalty to the Signing Factor (also determined by the League Commissioner).

Contract Start: You can select whether the contract will take effect at the end of the player's current contract (no penalty to the Signing Factor) or will take effect immediately. If you choose Start Immediately, the penalty to the Signing Factor will depend on how much money is remaining on the player's current contract. The formula for determining the penalty is: round ( 0 - (remaining salary * contract) - 20, 3). In this example the penalty is: 0 - (0.717 * 1) - 20, 3 = 20.717.

Salary value & Contract Years: You'll enter in your salary offer and select the length of the contract. The value calculation shows how much you're paying over the entire course of the contract and is not considered in the Signing Factor calculation.

Behind the Scenes

Now that you've selected your options and entered in your contract offer, you hit "Make Offer" and wait for the player's response. Behind the scenes, we calculate what the Signing Factor is for the player and the offer you have made.

New Salary Factor = SalaryOffered / SalaryRequested * 100.

You may need to meet or exceed the Salary Requested in order to offset some of the penalties below. This value is the basis for the Signing Factor. All other items are merely modifiers to the Signing Factor value.

New Contract Factor = (ContractOffered - 3) * 10.

Players want longer contracts... a 1-year contract will result in a -20; 2-year contract will be -10; 3-year contract will have no penalty; 4-year contract provides a +10 bonus; etc.

WinPCt Factor = (TeamWinPct - 0.500) * 50.

A team that is 0.550 would gain a +2.5 to the Signing Factor, conversely a team that is 0.300 would get a -10.

UFA Factor = 0 or -30.

If the player is currently under the UFA threshold but the contract offer length will take them past the UFA threshold, there is a flat -30 penalty applied to the Signing Factor.

RemFactor = If the contract offer is due to start immediately, a penalty calculated as 0 - RemainingValue - 20 will be applied to the Signing Factor.

For example, the player is in the final year of a $0.717 / 5 year deal, the remaining value is $0.717 ($0.717 * 1 year left). The penalty is calculated as 0 - 0.717 - 20 = -20.717 to the Signing Factor.

TwoWayFactor = This is a flat penalty applied if the offered per-season salary does not meet the League Two-Way Minimum salary (NOT the same as the League Salary Minimum).

FINAL SIGNING FACTOR = NewSalaryFactor + NewContractFactor + WinPctFactor + UFAFactor + RemFactor + TwoWayFactor.

Add up all the numbers from each component of the offer and you get the Signing Factor. It is important to note that the Signing Factor cannot be greater than 90%. Any Signing Factors that are higher will be readjusted back down. You should also note that there is no floor to the Signing Factor. It is quite possible for a Signing Factor to go into the negatives.

The Roll & Results = A roll from 1 to 100 is made and compared against the Signing Factor.

Roll <= SF - The player accepts the contract (woo!)

Roll > SF - The player declines the contract. How far the Roll is above the SF will determine what happens:

1-20 pts above SF = decline, new offer can be made later.

21 - 40 pts above SF = player refuses to negotiate with the team. They can be traded to another team and negotiate with them.

41+ pts above SF = player will hold out for free agent; they won't negotiate with anyone until they are a free agent.