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Public Sites are designed to show you most, if not all, information and statistics for your league. This is meant to be a showcase for your league where you can look up pretty much anything that you want for the league over all. Functions such as setting a team roster, executing a trade, or selecting a player in the draft wouldn't be part of the Public Site as there is no login functionality.

Public Sites are created using the Foundation 6 framework as well as a smattering of our own css and javascript tools.

All leagues will be access from the same url: By default, the TJHL (The-James Hockey League) will be loaded. To load your own league you have a few options:

First, you must have cookies ENABLED. If you don't, the page will load the first time just fine but navigating to a different page will revert it back to the default TJHL league.

Referring to the image below you can log into UHS and either:

1 - click the Public Site link on the navigation bar.

2 - copy your league id and use it in this url: where 1 will be replaced with your league's id.