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(Media Articles)
(Media Articles)
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'''Managing Articles'''
'''Managing Articles'''
In the Team > Media section you'll see a list of articles in a table with these headers:
In the Team > Media section you'll see a list of articles in a table with these headers:

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Media Articles

In UHS you have the option of earning money through writing Media Articles. We included this feature as it helps to drive the fantasy of your league and let your GMs have a closer connection to both their team and the league overall. Previously leagues that were interested in this would have to find a message board or forum somewhere; now they can just write it in UHS and have it show up here.

You can access your media articles by going to Team > Media.

Here you will see a list of the articles that have been written for the team as well as an option to create a new article.

New Article

Here you will write your article. You can cut and paste it from something previously done in Word or even from a website.

Subject The subject line is 250 characters maximum and does NOT contribute to your word count.

Estimated Value This line determines the number of words in your article and determines it's value as per the settings defined by the League Commissioner. By default an article must have at least 300 words in order to qualify for UHS money. The value field will multiply your word count by the default $500 / word value. This value will also consider the cap the League Commissioner may have set, default is $250,000.

Editor In the editor you have a large range of formatting options from Bold, Italic, Underline, Strikethrough, Fonts, Alignment, images, links, lists and indentations. Images are required to be hosted off site, however, everything else will be stored in UHS.

Save Draft If you're not ready to submit, don't worry... you can Save Draft as often as you like. No one will see your article until you're ready to submit.

Submitting When you're ready to submit, just hit the button. By default the league is set up to require Commissioner approval before money is awarded to your account. The Commissioner can change this to automatically approve all posts on submission. In either case, once the post is approved it will show up on the League's main page and your team's finances will be updated with the money you've earned.

Managing Articles

In the Team > Media section you'll see a list of articles in a table with these headers:

ID: The ID# of the article.

S#: The season number the article was written in. Please note you can write something in a previous season and hold off on submitting it until a later season. You will still get credit for the article and your current season's finances will be updated.

Title: The title of the article

Words: How many words in the article.

Value: The dollar value assigned to the article: Words multiplied by $/Word.

State: You will see one of three states: Draft, Pending, Approved. In Draft state, you have the option to Edit the article (and then submit) or Delete (we cannot recover deleted articles). Pending means it's waiting for the Commissioner to make their approval. Articles marked as Pending or Approved cannot be changed or deleted. All articles written are sorted first by State: Draft, Pending, Approved; then by ID# with the most recent ones at the top.